American in Spain


December 13, 2007

These are some photos I took the other day about 150 meters from my house. Actually, I'm beginning to expect that these aren't ferns, but I like the title, so... I would love for someone to identify them for me. Ferns and Lichen

This one almost comes out of the screen at you.

Did you know that lichen is symbiotic controlled parasitism? I learned that the other day.


See all those little circles on the leaves?

Fungal Fern

What the heck are those? Part of the plant or some sort of fungal parasite? Did you notice them in the first picture above?

Vertical Vine

Vertical depth of field vine.

Crumbling Mansion

After the photo above, I figured I should give you an in-focus shot of this beautiful crumbling mansion. I'm not a construction expert, but I suspect this house is not salvageable.


Are these berries?

I feel so ignorant...