American in Spain

The Perfect Human Form

December 7, 2007

There are two main gyms in Colindres. Or at least two with a specific, well-defined company logo. I think they are perfect examples of the varying opinions people have on what the ideal shape is for a human body. Now, I understand that a large part of gym marketing is based on making potential customers feel as if their bodies are inferior of what they could/should be. That's natural. That's why they pay those people that work out for five hours each day to film those infomercials about the little product that fits under your bed and you only have to use for 3 minutes a day twice a week to look hot and sexy. And, just like you can't have an uncombed barber or a poorly-dressed tailor, the people that work at these fitness centers have to be in good shape themselves. What's funny is that the people that run the two gyms look just like their logos.

Trans World Gym

The guys that you see entering and leaving this gym all look top-heavy like this.


The couple that runs this gym are small and pure muscle. The guy that works there competes in taekwondo and kick boxing competitions and could probably put anybody from the other gym on the ground before they could raise their bulky arms to fight.

Our business goes to the latter, of course.