American in Spain

Domestic Destruction in Colindres

December 6, 2007
Number 16, tweaked

Today is a holiday in Spain. I explained it pretty well last year, I think.

On my walk to the grocery store yesterday, I noticed some rubble on the ground on a side road that I don't normally take, but have walked down several dozen times. So I went to investigate. Domestic Desctruction 1

Here you can see the town church, and the building on the far right, under the cherry picker arm is the one I live in. The cherry picker had a guy in it washing the general construction site dust off the brand new apartment buildings that they are just finishing on that side of the street. I always sort of knew that this street would have to be widened when the new building was complete, but it's still kind of sad to see.

Domestic Desctruction 2

The windows aren't even broken!

Domestic Desctruction 3

Rubble lining the streets.

Number 16

I'm sure that several generations of children grew up at Number 16, scampering into an out of that door. How many romantic good night kisses happened at this threshold? All destroyed.

Number 18

Check out the view inside the window at Number 18.

Domestic Desctruction from Afar 1

This is the view from across a rare green area in Colindres. You can see the brand spanking new apartment complex and the destruction lying at its feet.

Domestic Desctruction from Afar 2

Another victim of the new construction is this other house. It's the house with the most character in the whole town. The top part has been designed to look like a boat, complete with live preservers and radio antennae.

New building

And finally, this is a different view of the building site behind my house, with the two cranes. They've got several stories built already.

Number 16, tweaked

Number 16 is the only photo that it's ever occurred to me might look better in black and white. Not that there were many colors in the original, but...

Progress: getting rid of the old and bringing in the new.