American in Spain

Stuff Around Town

December 4, 2007

On Sunday, we took a casual walk around town. Here are a few things that caught my eye. Bringer of Christmas Spirit

This bringer of Christmas spirit was quite emotional. There was quite a bit of swearing going on up there. I heard him say to his partner on the ground, "Yeah, you laugh now, you little $&*#@%, but you're doing the next one!" Ahh, the holidays!

This year, for the winter solstice celebrations, our streets are lined with five-pointed stars pentagrams. Praise Venus!

Beware of Right Angles

When right angles attack!!! Ninety degrees of mayhem!!

And now, for the grand finale....just when you thought garden gnomes couldn't get any creepier...

Satan-Worshiping Garden Gnomes

No one really knows what they do at night, but I think it has something to do with these masks.

May the Goddess make all your ratios golden.