American in Spain

Wedding Scallop

November 28, 2007

Marga's boss recently gave us a simple, but thoughtful, wedding gift. As you may recall (and if you attended, how could you forget?), one of the dishes at our wedding meal was a Scallop Au Gratin. Her boss actually saved the shell that the restaurant served him full of creamy cheese, cleaned it up, wrote our names and the date of the wedding in the smooth interior of the shell, and gave it to us as a souvenir of the day. Vieiras gratinadas

This is how it was served at the wedding. I took this photo when we went to try out the wedding menu before the event.

Wedding Scallop 1

The cleaned outside of the shell.

Wedding Scallop 2

Our names and the date.

Pretty simple, but no one else thought to do it.