American in Spain

Sandra doesn't love me anymore!

November 27, 2007

Some of you may recall that earlier this year, I found some "Sandra and Erik" lover graffiti on the side of my building. Well, apparently my ignoring her, as a direct consequence of not having any idea who she is, has finally worn her unrequited love so thin that she has fallen for another, a chap named Rooster. A week ago, the following enamored scrawlings appeared on a neighboring building...

Sandra and Gallo

Gallo translates literally to "rooster", Gallus gallus. It must be a nickname.

Sandra and Gallo

Gallo also refers to the fourspotted megrim, Lepidorhombus boscii.

Farewell, sweet Sandra! Our non-existent love was fleeting...

Now stop defacing public property.