American in Spain

Free Dinner

November 25, 2007

This Saturday, we returned to the restaurant where we had our wedding celebration, Etxe Aundi, to eat a dinner for two on the house. Apparently they were pleased with our 10,000€ business. Foie

Foie paté to start with... There was more ham, too, but it didn't survive the time it took me to get out the camera.


Marinated clams, the most expensive starter on the menu (25€). I will never be able to eat clams without thinking of my great aunt, Betty.

Creamy Fish Dish

Some creamy fish dish that Marga ordered.

Sirloin Steak STUFFED with Foie!

My plate: Sirloin steak stuffed with foie gras, with a side of potato puré. This meat was so good that my eyes involuntarily closed from pleasure with each bite. Unbelievable!

Ice Cream Sampler

For the dessert, Marga chose more wisely than I. This was her ice cream sampler with raspberry sauce.

Cheesecake Ice Cream with fruit

Mine was cheesecake ice cream with a side of apples, bananas and kiwis.

We had a nice Rioja with the meal, and a coffee and brandy to finish it off. When it was time to go, we thanked the waitress and walked out the door. That's a nice experience.