American in Spain

Thanksgiving Pizza

November 22, 2007

We've got a little tradition forming here. This is the second year in a row that we've eaten a turkey pizza for Thanksgiving. I've taken some photos during the cooking process to show you. Thanksgiving is just like any old Thursday here in Spain. Through television, most Spaniards are aware of the dí­a de dar gracias in the US, but no one could tell you the "fourth Thursday in November" rule.

Onions and peppers

Sautéing peppers and onions.

Turkey Breast

Chopped up turkey breast. Looks kinda like chicken.

Sauteed Turkey


Dough ball

My dough recipe is a secret.

Pizza dough

Rolled into a pizza-sized disk.

Step 1: Tomato

Tomato sauce.

Step 2: Turkey

Add turkey.

Step 3: Peppers and onions

Add peppers and onions.

Step 4: Mozzarella

Glorious, glorious mozzarella! There is a Cheese! That's a little basil sprinkled on top.

Step 5: In the oven

And into the oven she goes!

Step 6: Eat!

Served with some left-over-from-wedding champagne.

Mmmm!!  Turkey pizza!

Happy Thanksgiving!

When two pieces were left, I was already very full. Marga said, "We're gonna finish it, right?" I figured that, in the spirit of the holiday, the "comfortably full" point should be pushed beyond. In a rare intersection between Spanish and American tradition, a post-pizza nap was called for.