American in Spain

Could you become a US citizen?

October 1, 2007

The INS is trying to make the questions on the immigration test less trivial and more relevant. Obviously, it need not be said that, of the 80% of Americans that can find the US on a map, probably 99% of them would fail this test. Turn over your test papers......NOW!


Okay, everyone put down your pencils!

According to NBC News, you have to get 80% or higher. I scored 90%, and on both that I missed, I selected the right answer first and then changed it. Oops.

Number 8 seems a little too hard. Do people really need to know the numbers of each amendment?

I'd be interested in knowing how my non-US-citizen readers scored. Don't feel bad if you fail. Can you imagine how all of us yanks would score on questions about your country?