American in Spain

.50 Caliber Slug

September 28, 2007

Not three meters from where I found this creature, I discovered another huge monster. Slugway to Heaven, 1 of 3

He was about a meter above the ground. I wonder where he was going?

Slugway to Heaven, 2 of 3

It was at least 15 cm long. Bigger than a .50 BMG cartridge, though slightly less rigid, I think.

Slugway to Heaven, 3 of 3

Some lucky depth-of-field effect on this one.

I can only imagine that this slug and this snail have some sort of internal accelerometer, which gives them a sense of up and down, and the genetic programming to know that, in general, if you climb against gravity, you'll find some yummy leaves to munch on. Unfortunately for them, very few man-made buildings have leaves at the top.

I think I'm going to call this particular sidewalk "Monster Alley" from now on.