American in Spain

Capitán Mani

September 12, 2007
Capitán Mani

There is only one brand of peanut butter I've been able to find in Spain. It comes in both crujiente and suave. The label on the plastic jar is an attempt to characterize Americans, so I have to share it with you. Capitán Mani

A big goofy baseball player and some white-on-blue stars. Go America!

Capitán Mani ingredients

Capitán Mani peanut butter is an ideal afternoon snack for children and adolescents because of its nutrition and energy levels - without cholesterol. Thank Yahweh, it's kosher!

A quick google search for Capitán Mani reveals...

  • The Processed Foods -> Sauces page of a site called that seems to specialize in shipping "American" foods to foreign countries.
  • A half-eaten jar for sale on Austrian eBay. How do you say "Gross!" in German?
  • A Spaniard's rather anti-US blog entry where the writer concludes that the US is powerful and arrogant (true) and full of idiots (also somewhat true). He is quick to mention that he does love coca-cola, John Wayne movies and really loves Jennifer Connelly. With both pros and cons weighed up, he settles the tie by concluding the peanut butter sandwiches are disgusting.

As for quality, Capitán Mani is as good as your generic supermarket brand peanut butter, which is what I used to buy, in the US.