American in Spain

Dean Smith vs. Coach K

September 8, 2007

I was just flipping randomly through some of our upper cable channels and came across a blast from the past. We get this "ESPN Classic Sports" channel (the only ESPN channel we get) that shows old games from years ago. I can barely muster the interest to watch live sports, so you can imagine how useful this channel is to me.

Imagine my surprise to see a UNC vs. Duke ACC game from 1995! What's funny is that there's only a small window from 1995 to about 2000 where I followed ACC basketball enough to recognize any players' names. I knew all these guys! CIMG4554.JPG

CIMG4555.JPG Jeff Capel free throw

Jeff Capel takes a free throw.

CIMG4557.JPG Stackhouse Dunks

Stackhouse dunks.

After a little research (googling "unc duke 1995 basketball"), I can only assume that I'm watching this game from February 2, 1995. I haven't actually seen Coach K yet, so it must be.

Sittin' here in Spain, watching the tarheels and the blue devils. Crazy, huh?