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Polar Eclipse

September 7, 2007

The Moon was up continuously for 14 days in August... One of my favorite websites is the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD). I've visited it off and on over the 12 years it's been in existence. The explanations of the images are always interesting and informative.

What blows my mind about APOD is how a website can be updated daily for twelve years and never change design! You can even look back in the archives to 1995 and see the exact same format as today. It used to have some of those stupid "top 5 sites!" badges that were popular back then (there were only 15 sites total, anyway!), but beyond that it's the same. Amazing. It's still using


Anyway, how cool is this multiple-exposure shot of last week's lunar eclipse as seen from the South Pole?Lunar eclipse from south pole

Click on the image to see the scientific explanation about it on APOD.

That Schwarz guy has some other pretty cool photos on his site. He hasn't learned any HTML since the Atlanta Olympics either.