American in Spain

Guggenheim Photo Shoot

September 2, 2007

On Saturday afternoon, we went to Bilbao to buy some clothes, buy the bride and groom to put on the wedding cake, and take some photos of the BITWRATHPLOOB at the Guggenheim Museum. Westie Boxers

At the department store, I saw these boxers with a little West Highland Terrier on the box, so I had to take a picture to show my mother (who loves Westies). It seems to be the logo for the Kiff Kiff brand.

Bear with me

Marga got a kick out of this huge bear.

Thin bride and groom

The bride and groom decoration shop was closed, but the ones we're going to buy are similar to these in the window. How cool are those little bonbon candles?

Recursive Sculpture

I love recursive art like this. This was in the window of a marble shop (marmoleria).


The photo shoot.

Maman, by Louis Bourgeois

How terrifying is this 30-foot spider? It's called Maman, by Louise Bourgeois.

Marga and Erik Shadows

After the photo shoot, we sat on a wall for 30 minutes watching people go by. This is, from left to right, Marga, Erik, Marga's jacket, and the BITWRATHPLOOB in his Prada Bag.

Big Dog, Little Dog

This little puppy was having fun chasing pigeons. When he approached the Big Puppy, I had to take a photo.

More photos (and a video!) from the photo shoot over at the web site.