American in Spain

Engine, Gloves, Church, Clouds

September 1, 2007

Marga's been working 12-15 hour days this week, preparing for a client visit next week. On Thursday, I walked her to work after her lunch break (the only day she came home for lunch in the whole week) just to spend a little more time together. These are some photos I took on that walk. Rusty Engine

This is an old boat engine on display in front of a car dealership near the town port (and Marga's work). Marga's father and I learned a lot about every car for sale there while we were killing time during Marga's job interview 2.5 years ago.

Driving Gloves?

I've recently started noticing the crap people put in their car for adornment. It's like car furniture, an attempt to express oneself with objects within that restricted space. I've almost taken hundreds of photos, but these Mickey gloves pushed me over the edge.

Colindres Church

On the way back, I noticed that I was standing in the perfect spot to see our town church at its best angle. The couple standing before it, contemplating it, is a nice touch, too.

We first entered the church earlier this year for our marriage classes. I was stunned to see how much more beautiful it is on the inside. It would be a nice church for a wedding.

Golden Vapor

Some water vapor caught my eye later that evening.