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Russian Owls

August 25, 2007

Someone at Marga's work gave her these Matryoshka owls. It's some sort of corporate propaganda from some company that does business with Marga's. Each owl has some meaningless (in this metaphor) corporate word like management, control, organization, sanitation, etc. She only accepted it to give to a friend's kid. Anyway, I figured it was worth playing with and taking a few photos. CIMG4411.JPG




Wait a second, one of those is not an owl!


What's wrong with this photo? Please keep your answer to less than 10,000 words.


Some hats just mess up your hair, right?

And how cool is this photo from Wikipedia?

Matryoshka dolls

A huge Russian doll set in a Portobello Road shop, Notting Hill, London, England.