American in Spain


August 19, 2007

The town hall of Colindres had planned to prepare free roasted sardines for everyone last Thursday for San Roque, but it rained heavily, leaving them with 500 kg (1100 pounds) of fresh sardines. So it was postponed to Saturday. CIMG4378.JPG

Let's just hope the people in the houses within a one-block radius remembered to shut their windows and not hang their clothes out to dry.


I still smell like roasted sardines, and this was as close as I got to the cookers.


The volunteer staff that organize these things are amazing!


Everybody got two pieces of bread and about five sardines.


There was a shortage of tables (none).


We found this little wall to perch our plates and glasses on. The wine bottle cost one euro.


Our table wall was next to a lemon tree with these little baby lemons. If the owner of the house with this wall and tree doesn't have any cats, they will soon. Several sardine carcasses got thrown there (not by us, of course).


I'm surprised the fire brigades from nearby towns didn't come sirening in. There were two bands, a bagpipe band and a brass band.


The bands passed us on the way home. Download video (3.75 MiB).


Download video (3.5 MiB).

One thing's for sure, Colindres is a small town that knows how to have a good time.