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Extremadura 2007 (3 of 3) - Champagne Barbeque

August 15, 2007

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On Monday morning, Juan, Grandpa and I went to a local slaughterhouse to buy a half lamb. We really only wanted a few lamb chops, but they only sold in quantities rounded to the 0.5 lamb. That evening, we had a barbeque out on the patio with the primary objective being to decide on a champagne for the wedding. The champagne selection had been narrowed down to three final contestants, and we had one bottle of each. Beautiful Antique Sewing Machine

Marce brought out this absolutely gorgeous antique sewing machine to mend some pants that Belén had bought.

Manufactured in Great Britain

I told her (in Spanish), "It says that it was manufactured in Great Britain". She said, "Really? I didn't know that."

Street Canopies

The nearby town of Zalamea de la Serena does this cool "street canopy" thing during their festival season.

Footless Lucky Lotto Witch

When we stopped to buy lottery tickets, this witch hanging in the doorway caught my attention. She seems to be missing her feet. Maybe this is for luck?

Marga in heaven

Marga in heaven.

Family Barbeque

Good old family barbeque.

Sizzling lamb chops

Sizzling lamb chops. We brought this grill back from England a few years ago.

Champagne Princess

Hard to decide...just a little bit more.

Shirtless Chef

Juan, the topless chef.


The champagne kicks in, and Grandpa puts some music on.


Who else wants to dance?

Grandpa dances alone

No one takes Grandpa up on his offer, so he dances by himself.


Gorka snaps a picture.

Three Bottles of Champagne

The three contestants.


Marce wants to dance with the chef.

Topless Boozing

Uh oh. Things are getting ugly. Hopefully there won't be any naked bottle sucking at the wedding.

CIMG4326.JPG Tiramisu

A big blob of tiramisu.


Which one was in this glass again?


More dancing.

CIMG4334.JPG CIMG4335.JPG CIMG4336.JPG Dancing Sisters

Dancing sisters.


The runners-up.


The final winner is....Anna de Cordoní­u. In the end, we got all drunk and chose the most expensive one.


Es la esencia del compromiso de calidad adquirido año tras año, por la casa de Cordoní­u, desde la creación del primer cava, en 1872. Cava Brut Nature eleborado a partir de las variedades de uva Parellada, Xarel.lo, Chardonnay y de vino de reserva. De color amarillo pajizo claro y vivaz, con tenues reflejos verdes. Aromas inconfundibles aportados por la Chardonnay con matizes florales. En boca fresco, equilibrado y elegante. Temperatura de servicio entre 6 y 8°C.

And my attempt at translation...

It's the essence of commitment to quality acquired year after year, from the house of Cordoní­u, from the creation of the first cava, in 1872. Cava Brut Nature, made from the Parellada, Xarel.lo, Chardonnay, and Reserve Wine variety of grapes. With a light and vibrant straw yellow color, with tenuous green reflections. Unmistakable aromas contributed by the Chardonnay with floral shades. In the mouth, fresh, balanced, and elegant. Serving temperature between 43 and 46°F.

Reads like a typical wine bottle.


Getting sleepy....

We got up early and drove back Tuesday morning in time for me to work in the afternoon. It was a short visit for me this year, but I had a great time and I'm glad I went.