American in Spain

Crack Photography

August 8, 2007

Just a few photos that slipped through the cracks lately. Actually, they all contain cracks. Hey, a theme! Three Cherries

Something about the clean, bright color of the cherries against the dirty, dusty, grimy street pleased me. I found them as you see here. They must have fallen out of someone's grocery bag. You all remember how to say "cherry" in Spanish, don't you?

Creative Graffiti

This is by far my favorite graffiti in all of Colindres (and there's almost no graffiti here). Clearly the hole was there and the people who were painting a "Let Christ into your Life" mural a few meters down came over and gave the hole a little character.

Police Station

This is the Colindres police station. The words "authority" and "law and order" aren't the first to come to mind upon seeing the pretty stained glass bricks. It's also the Municipal Music School according to those letters. That's a little more appropriate for the architecture, I think.

Crack Weed

This little guy was growing in a wall in Mondragon. I should have put down a coin for scale. The whole thing is about the size of a US quarter or one-euro coin.