American in Spain

Walking With A Camera

August 2, 2007
Gorgeous Leaf

These are just some photos of stuff that caught my eye during an evening walk around Colindres last Sunday. Carrying a camera with you makes you see the world a little differently. CIMG4101.JPG

This thing creeped me out a little, just imagining this little goblin critter scurrying around inside the car while you're trying to drive, sinking its tooth into the back of your neck.


  1. In case it wasn't obvious, "a bordo" means "on board".
  2. A Lunni (pronounced "loony") is a Fraggle-like creature on Spanish children's television
  3. Did you know that "creeped", as in "creeped out" is not a word? The past tense of "creep" is "crept".

This has to be one of the strangest and most beautiful flower of any plant I've seen.


I've seen them in several places around Colindres, usually climbing on chain link fences.


This is the fruit they turn into. Any botanists out there want to identify this thing?

Upon reaching the harbor, we saw the strangest thing. A huge group of quite large fish were swimming in circles near the surface of the water. I still have no idea what this accomplishes for them.


Video download CIMG4108.JPG

Beautiful pollution.


There were hundreds of fish swimming into and out of this hole.


Big ones too!


They're digging up part of the town park, and it's becoming obvious that it was used as a trash dump at some point in the past.


The layer goes all along where they're excavating.

Gorgeous Leaf

In the park, I looked up and saw how beautiful this leaf was with the diffuse sunlight shining through it. This is my current desktop background. Here's the full size if you want it.