American in Spain


July 31, 2007

Where to even begin explaining this... I guess it started with the Flickr group called I wake up screaming (IWUS). You may recall it from my two blogentries about it. The idea behind the group is to capture disturbing human creations that make you both A) wonder what the hell the artist was thinking spending so much time on such a horrible creation, and B) laugh when you think of the object being in a group called "I wake up screaming". Have a look around in the group. You'll either "get it" and think it's a clever and funny idea, or you won't. If you don't get it, stop reading now, because everything below will appear completely inane. Through the unexplained powers of destiny, one particular IWUS item has risen from the crowd to be sort of a poster child for the group; and that item is the BITWRATHPLOOB. The name comes from creating a slightly more pronounceable acronym from the original name, "Bucktoothed Rope-Armed Troll-Haired Pantsless Wood Bear". Here it is:

Born in Denmark, it was originally found in a thrift store in Denver, Colorado, and mailed as a joke to Arlington, Virginia. From there, it was sent to Slovenia. Around this time, the idea of sending it all around the world appeared. I agreed to participate, but only if it was done right, with an official blog tracking his movements around the globe. And lo it was created:


I've really enjoyed working on the website. I designed the header image, and it's been really interesting learning the Google Maps API to make the Where is he now? page. I was also inspired to make a little video about it for anyone who wasn't already convinced that it is terrifying. I even set up a store to buy merchandise.

So what's the plan?

The goal of the project is for it to continue as it has begun: with each BITWRATHPLOOB host taking and posting pictures of it with local landmarks and then sending it along to another friend that will both understand the incredible importance of the mission and be willing to take and post pictures to the blog before sending the BITWRATHPLOOB along its journey. The final goal is to get pictures of this strange little wood bear from all over the world. If the BITWRATHPLOOB ever arrives to a host who does not know anyone to pass it on to, there is a waiting list of people that have signed up at the website, so that the BITWRATHPLOOB will always have somewhere to go. There are already people on the waiting list from New Zealand, Minnesota, Philadelphia and Delaware. Yes, Delaware.

As it has been said, "This is either a really dumb idea or it's a really dumb idea that people will like."

The BITWRATHPLOOB is scheduled to come visit me some time in August.