American in Spain

Stained Glass, Literally

July 23, 2007

At the risk of my dear readers thinking I'm a drunk slob, I'll share this grape-based epiphany.

Last week, a glass that had contained some wine was left out for a few days and the remaining wine almost dried up completely. The result was this accidental work of art. Stained Glass (1 of 3)

Pretty cool, huh? Better than grease, at least.

Stained Glass (2 of 3)

It started to drip and morph as I was holding it up to the sky to photograph.

And that's when the miracle happened.....BEHOLD!!

Stained Glass (2 of 3)

This is pretty obviously an image of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, manifested in the very medium by which He told us to imbibe His Love. But then I got to thinking that most holy visions, particularly in Spain, are of the Virgin Mary...and that's when it started to look more like the Virgin Mother. I was really on to something here. This item could be worth a lot of money!

But then it occurred to me that it could really be an image of anyone with long, straight hair. So I took it into the kitchen, poured some dish detergent in it and scrubbed it clean.