American in Spain

Hot Fuzz

July 14, 2007

Occasionally I (hypothetically) download whatever movies have the strongest torrents. These are usually recently (or soon-to-be) released films that lots of people are currently downloading. Due to the nature of bittorrent, the more people are downloading the same thing, the faster everyone's downloads are. Initially counter-intuitive, I know. Anyway, the other week, I (hypothetically) downloaded a movie I'd never heard of called Hot Fuzz. In short, it's a comedy about an overzealous London cop that gets transferred to a sleepy backwater village in the middle of the countryside and discovers that the little village isn't as sleepy as it first appears. A few of the London cops were played by fairly famous British comedy actors, but I didn't recognize any of the principal characters. Although there's nothing particularly British about the storyline, the comedy was "spot on", as they say on that rainy island. It doesn't deserve the abnormally high 8.3 rating it has on IMDB right now, but it's a good flick.

I highly recommend that any of my readers see Hot Fuzz. I had a big smile on my face when the credits rolled by, and I suspect you will too.