American in Spain

Coolest Gadget Ever

July 5, 2007

Apple was ahead of their time with the Newton. They've really stood up on the board at the crest of the wave with the iPhone, though. I'm proud to be a shareholder (bought at 49, baby!). P7030078

What amazes me is the legibility of the text. High resolution is what made me leave the Fifth Ave. Apple Store with a full video iPod instead of the nano I went in to buy.


Even in portrait mode, it's completely legible. (this image is shrunk from the original)

Of course I'm a long way from touching one of these devices here in Europe. I think that if I lived in the States, there'd be no stopping me buying one of these things, whether I had a need for it or not. Several of my coworkers are already sending me emails with the envy-inducing "Sent from my iPhone" footer. If nothing else, Apple is pretty sly at marketing.

Check out this email I recently received from my father. I like to call it "Daddy's first cell phone":

I stopped by the Cingular store next to Papa John's Pizza and asked if they will be carrying the iPhone. They kind of laughed, and said Yes, but it would be a while. I said I heard it was coming out June 29th. They laughed more, and said it might be sometime in July before they got any. I asked if they were taking any pre-orders, and they said, sure, they'd be glad to. They asked 4 Gig or 8 (I said 8), and took my name and number, then wanted my land line too. I told them that was my land line; that I didn't have a cell. They didn't seem to believe me, but they let me go anyway.

It's kind of like a Ferrari being your first car.

A big thanks to Alan for the pictures.