American in Spain

Grandpa Ramón's 87th Birthday

June 26, 2007

On Saturday, we got up, packed our bags, and drove to Mondragón to celebrate Grandpa Ramón's 87th birthday. CIMG3736.JPG

That's a lot of years. It's easy to calculate people's ages when they're born in a year divisible by 10.


It's not a prime number. Since the sum of its digits is divisible by 3, 87 is also divisible by 3.


The numbers had to be moved to the cake that had the "Congratulations" banner on it.


Check out the reflection of the long white table in his glasses.


A great smile from Grandpa. 87 and still going strong.


I hope to take many more pictures of Grandpa Ramón in front of a cake. I love him like he was my own grandfather.


Recently the Extremadura Cultural Center has had these little ladybug chocolates that they give you when you order a coffee. Every time I see them, I'm reminded of my favorite java applet game ever. Most of them are really kind of cute. I was the only one that got the creepy blond you see on the left. That's not a lady bug!


Belén was sick, unfortunately.

Unlike last year, my intellectual property rights were not violated at all during the birthday party.

Marga wasn't feeling well, so I had to moderate my wine consumption so that I could drive three and a half hours León!