American in Spain

Cocido in the Park

June 17, 2007

Just like last year, today we had a free town sponsored meal in the park. The dish was cocido montañes, the most typical food here in Cantabria. It's a stew with beans, cabbage and meat. The big San Juan bonfire will be next weekend, but we won't be here. We've got bigger plans.


Each serving cost 1€, and the bottle of wine also cost 1€. We sat on the curb just like last year.


Mmmm!! Cocido montañes!


Enjoying cheap wine in a plastic cup.


Marga got more morcilla in her serving than me. I was so jealous!


The atmosphere was very festive. The park was full of families with their plastic tables and chairs making a full day of the event. In case there was any doubt about the location of this video, I zoomed in on a crystal clear Mount Buciero at the end. Sorry about the crappy camera work.


Sort of a homage to my Martini shot from a few days ago.

Afterwards, I put on my best Tiny Tim impression and went up to ask for seconds to have for lunch tomorrow. Marga was too embarrassed to do so, but I marched right up there. No one else was still asking for food, but the woman kindly gave me two extra servings, without charging me, and put extra meat in them, since there was so much meat left over. Now I don't have to prepare lunch tomorrow!

We went home for a short nap (this is Spain, after all), and then went out for a walk. CIMG3630.JPG

First we walked over by the docks.

When we wound our way back to the park, the festivities were still going on. There weren't any oxen or broom throwing like last year, but there was an egg smashing competition. As far as I could tell, the idea is for each team to smash all 12 eggs as fast as they can, but you have to smash them over the head of your partner. The hardest part was actually grabbing the eggs out of the carton. What a brilliant form of entertainment!

I took a couple videos of the competition.




revver(304274) CIMG3633.JPG

There were lots of people that looked like this, "made to look foolish or embarrassed".

When the egging got old, we continued on, stopping briefly to watch two adorable puppies playing in the park.


Just like I concluded last year, it's nice to see people in a small town having so much fun enjoying simple pleasures.