American in Spain

Bedroom Window Panorama

June 15, 2007

Today at noon, when I was putting on my shoes to go buy bread, I stuck my head out the window and found this fantastic panorama before me. Bedroom Window Panorama

I highly recommend that you click on the image to see it at Flickr. There are notes that identify various landmarks.

The Sea (zoomed and cropped)

This is a magnified section close to Mount Buciero, on the left. You can just barely see the horizon of the Cantabrian Sea. I swear it's easier to see at high tide, but that doesn't make much sense to me mathematically.

The Ria From Home

From the far left of the image, looking over the center of Colindres, you can see the Rí­a Asón that I wrote about a few days ago.

Pico Candiano From Bedroom Window

From the far right side of the image, this is our beloved Pico Candiano that we climbed recently.

For some reason, I've gone really panorama crazy lately. Photoshop CS3 stitches them together so nicely.