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Road Work

May 23, 2007

I'm sure that you all noticed, but politely held back your complaints, about the Cactus Cam being down for two days. Thank you for that. This is because the timelapse photography apparatus, consisting of my old Powerbook sitting on a shoe box, sitting on a stool, and my firewire webcam hung out the window, was moved to the other side of the house to film the paving of our street. Our street didn't really need paving, certainly not as much as other streets in town, but our neighborhood is somewhat affluent, according to the local butcher, and the mayoral elections are coming up soon.


This is the "before" picture. It was pretty spooky to see this street without any cars parked along the sides. As you can see, there were parallel parking spaces along each side of the one-way street, with an "Is this one lane or two?" lane down the middle. Double parking is quite common at the start and end of school (the entire block on the right is a school).


This is a zoomed in "after" picture that I took a few minutes ago. It looks like they are going to increase parking by switching to the, more American, method of angled parking spaces, removing the ambiguity about how many lanes the street has. Something tells me that double parking is still going to happen, thereby completely blocking this vital neighborhood artery.


"Okay, this is where I draw the line!"


Looks pretty good! But then most things do with a fresh coat of paint.

Show us the timelapse already!! Okay, okay, here it is...