American in Spain


May 17, 2007

It lasted two full days, but the first flower from the Cactus Cam project has finally bitten the proverbial dust. You may notice the change of camera angle. Much better, don't you think? Flower #2 bloomed a day after her sister is doing her best to stand proud and not watch her inevitable fate happening to flower #1.


My videos have been freezing halfway through with Revver lately. If that happens, just click a little further along in the timeline, or you can download it for local viewing.

Just by chance, the song John Mayer song, Gravity, came on while I was finishing this post. So I just have to share it with you now. He's got a hell of a voice.

Gravity is working against me And gravity wants to bring me down

In the end, we all succumb to gravity and wither away. What's important is that we rejoice in our beauty while we are in bloom.