American in Spain

A Walk in Laredo

April 29, 2007

Today, Marga's parents, Marga, and I walked the entire length Laredo's beach. In the morning, we walked from where we usually park to the very tip of the Laredo's sandy peninsula and back again. And then, after lunch, we parked in the same place and walked in the other direction until the end. The section of beach that we walked measures 5 kilometers, so we walked 10 km in total, just like the race yesterday. It was drizzly in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon, but when we finally finished, the evening skies cleared and the sun warmed our faces.


Mother and daughter rest after a long walk.


Some of the palm trees are quite squat, and they look like giant pineapples.


The sun reflecting off the water.


A house with a view.


This gray concrete tower is an ugly zit, high on the, otherwise attractive, face of Laredo. You can see the damn thing for miles and miles. We think it's apartments, or maybe a hotel. Anyway...we were sitting at a sidewalk cafe having a beer and complaining about the ugly tower, when Marga said, "Look, the moon is rising!"


On the way back to the car, we walked through the richer section of Laredo, with towering hedges to keep out curious eyes.


Thankfully, the town hall of Laredo thought to put these nice glowing crystal orbs to let people know when nightfall arrives.

Oh, and if you missed it, there were two important births in Spain this weekend: