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It Moved!!!

April 26, 2007

I honestly wasn't expecting any results from the first day of the Cactus Cam project. But when I went to review the first day's timelapse video, I saw this: (keep an eye on those little buds!) revver(247541)

Absolutely nothing, right? You saw those minutes and hours fly by. Nothing happened.

But if you download the video and zing the quicktime slider back and forth to speed up the video, this is what you'll see:


Crazy, huh? Keep in mind that it only grew, and then I reversed the video to make it "exhale". If you still didn't see any movement, watch it again. You can download it, if you want.

One thing that making timelapse videos will teach you is that no object is inanimate on the right time scale.

Hopefully, when it starts flowering, we'll see clear movement on the "one day in 18 seconds" time scale of the first video. Stay tuned!