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1980 Was A Good Year

April 13, 2007

After posting some childhood pictures of Marga a few weeks ago, it seems only fair to do the same for me. My mother dusted off some old albums and sent me these two pictures. Now, I know I have a large forehead. My hairline starts way up there, and there's been no receding, nor is there much recession in my genetic forecast. But this first photo is just freakish! I look like how Hollywood has decided aliens should look: a really huge, super-intelligent frontal lobe and small facial features below a huge forehead.


February 1980 - This has to be the longest my hair has ever been. The dimple in the chin makes this child's identity undeniable.

Erik copy

October 1980 - "Hey! Don't leave me here on this rock! Thanks for the cookie, but pick me back up!"

Besides John getting shot, an event that wouldn't matter to me for more than a decade, 1980 was a pretty good year for me.