American in Spain

Cow Tongue

March 24, 2007

Here in Spain, people eat cow tongues. It's actually quite delicious. The texture of the meat is unlike any other. My parents tried some when they were here last year. It really is a very normal food here, but no matter how normal it gets, it still strikes me as, "Wow, that's really a tongue!" when I see the product you buy in the grocery store or butcher. I figured it was worth a few photos and some silly poses for a blog entry. A lot of my readers have probably never considered this food. After cooking, it's sliced into thin cross sections and served in a thick puréed sauce of peppers, tomatoes, leeks, and carrots.


That sensory organ has tasted its last blade of grass.


Look, I'm Gene Simmons!


I feel so inadequate...

So let's have some funny tongue jokes in the comments. Here, I'll start...

  1. In Spain, the food tastes you!
  2. This dish tastes both good and well!