American in Spain


March 23, 2007

This morning I went, as I do every day, to the local grocery store to buy bread and something to make for lunch. It's a family owned shop, called Susinos, and everyone that works there is very polite and I normally get several "Hola Erik"s when I enter. Today, as I was waiting in line to check out, a woman came up to me and...

Woman: Did I just hear that your name is Erik?

Me: Yes.

Woman: Are you the Erik with the blog about Colindres?

Me: Yes.

Woman: Oh wow! It's so good to meet you! I have a friend in Australia who is coming to visit, and he's been searching the internet for information about Colindres, and he told me that he'd found this blog by an American, and he's seen pictures of the port, and the market, and.....

Me: Yep, that's me! I'm pretty sure I'm the only American around here. Glad I could help.

Woman: Well, it's so good to meet you. Hope to see you around!

This has absolutely got to be the first time that a complete stranger has come up to me and asked if I was "that Erik", knowing me only by reputation. The Susinos employees were pretty impressed.

So if you're Australian and are coming to visit a friend in Colindres, sign up and leave a comment.

That's all for now. I gotta go sign some autographs...