American in Spain

A Pair of Cuties

March 20, 2007

At the in-laws last weekend, we went through some family photo albums to find some pictures for our wedding video. It's fun to see pictures from 20-30 years ago of people that I know so well. Here are the cutest ones of Marga. I guess it's only natural that her sister should be in all of them too. All the ones set in Higuera de la Serena, the town we go to in the summer, were immediately recognizable to me. That town hasn't changed in years and years.

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Looking all grown up with a purse. Just look at that sororal admiration!


This is my favorite. It's so nicely framed in front of the family car.


Aunt Marga with her neices in front of the town fountain.


Aunt Marga and Belén in August 2005.


It's really a shame that we turned away from the fountain to take this picture a minute later.


This kid is José Ramón, one of the guys we go out with in the summer. He's a dentist in Valencia.


José Ramón with Marga and their friend, Emi, in August 2006.

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