American in Spain

Toy Boats

March 17, 2007

A couple months ago, Marga's Aunt Manoli and Uncle Antonio came to visit for the first time. While they were here, I showed them some of my photos on my computer, especially of when my parents visited last August. Antonio recently told me that he remembered one picture, in particular, from my collection... Toy Boat

Toy Boat - Paul plays with his toy boat at the beach in Laredo, Spain.

Posting this, just now, I was reminded of a picture on sgazzetti's blog (I mean, website) that I saw recently. For those of you that haven't noticed his superb comments, sgazzetti is my newest blog fan. Anyway, a friend of mine saw the following picture the other day and told me that it looked like the kind of picture I would take. So, without further ado, let's take the toy boat perspective tricks in the opposite direction...

He's got a whole Flickr photoset of attempts to make his tiny Venetian souvenir pay for itself. I think it did.

Also, check out his blog website entry about it.