American in Spain

Nothing Lasts Forever

February 22, 2007

They tore down a building in my neighborhood this week. It was the one that I had taken this photo of last year because, coming from a country that is a maze of plastic shopping malls, I loved the quaint antiquity of the structure, despite its obvious years of dilapidation.

Plaza Campo de las Ferias

Plaza Campo de las Ferias - A street sign in Colindres, Cantabria, Spain.

The following are pictures that I took yesterday.


Well, at least we can see the mountains better when we leave our front door. At least until they build the next structure there. There is snow on that distant peak (you might have to click on the image to see it). I took this picture in short sleeves on the way to get the daily bread.


Having empty houses has made parking not really a problem in our neighborhood. I fear that it might become a problem very shortly.

Anyway, losing this building made me reflect on the transience of our lives and the things we create....but only for a second. Even that thought was fleeting.