American in Spain


February 21, 2007

I just got an email asking me about my Revver Wordpress Plugin. I had made a mistake in packaging the plugin and it was not compatible with FrontPage. I was unaware that anyone had used FrontPage since about 1998. Anyway, I checked out his website... Alsoran: Music for Race Horse Lovers

The absurdity of the title itself should be intriguing enough to make you click on it. It's this dude that dresses up in a horse costume and talks and sings from the point of view of a horse character that he's invented called Alsoran. It's comedy though clever ridiculousness.

Sites like this please me because they highlight the immense freedom of expression that the internet provides us. It's an enormous marketplace of both self expression and attempts to get other people's attention. If you can make enough people smile enough to pass on your website to their friends, then you have the potential to make a lot of money. This is the Ze Frank philosophy: riches through low budget, universally-pleasing absurdity.

I know from my Ze Frank Parody and Clippy: The Clothespin Stunt Man projects how hard it is to both come up with ideas, produce videos, and get noticed.

Alsoran has had the idea to ask for paypal donations so he can run in the Kentucky Derby. While not quite as clever as that guy who demanded payment not to kill his rabbit, it's not a bad effort to dupe rich idiots out of their gold.

Anyway, this dude's got more time and talent than I, and I applaud him. His site is pretty well designed, despite the use of FrontPage.