American in Spain

Weapons Inspection

February 5, 2007

Another Superbowl has come and gone. That can only mean one thing... It's time to clean off the old golf clubs and get ready for the Myrtle Beach Classic! I'll never forget arriving in the Charlotte airport in 2006 for the tournament. I was rolling my airport baggage cart with my suitcase and my golf clubs, in their big, hard-shell, warhead-sized case, and Al Green (who would later go on to win the tournament) said, in a very loud voice, "So, did you bring your weapons of mass destruction?" Luckily we weren't sent off to Guantanamo for his remark.


My golf shoes are pretty dingy and could use a shining.


Much better! That oughta blind the competition.


The first few clean clubs begin drying.


Scrubbing the next four.


The entire arsenal. There are only fourteen! Count 'em!

I'll hop the pond on Wednesday, just in time for a practice round on Thursday before the three-day Myrtle Beach Classic 2007 tournament begins.