American in Spain


February 3, 2007

I just watched a "documentary" about the Illuminati. Allegedly, a secret society is controlling all of the US and Britain. Every president since JFK has a masonic member. They presented a lot of evidence of corruption between Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. with Iraq, Saddam, oil, blah, blah, blah. I'm fine with the idea that H.W. left Saddam as a useful threat for W. It's all about one thing: money (aka. oil).

But for the rest of it.... Blair is a 33° member of the Illuminati and the same people that control him, control Bush...they hold secret bloody ceremonies directly in the houses of parliament in Westminster...1 of every 6 British police officer is a mason... Whatever. What a load of hooey!

Oh, and they all worship Lucifer. (this is about when I stopped watching)

It's so easy to say, "Everyone in power is a member of a secret society." If anyone is not in power, then they clearly aren't members, and everyone that is in power will obviously deny membership ('cause it's secret!). This is such a seductive, and, by definition, unprovable, idea. It works on the same grounds that makes Christianity such a powerful meme.1 It empowers the poor and takes power (or the merit of power) away from the rich and powerful. Any idea that favors the poor (who will eternally be the majority) will spread like wildfire.

Any documentary that casually slips in phrases like "Many believe that..." or "There are even some who believe that..." is immediately flagged as suspicious and probably wrong. I watched one a few months ago about the Philadelphia Experiment (from the History Channel, no less!) that was nothing but a big steaming pile of factless speculation. But to a viewer who isn't thinking critically, it could make a lot of sense. These "documentaries" that feign factual bases are quite worrisome to me. Luckily, most gullible dupes sitting on their couch, munching on tortilla chips, watching the History Channel and feeling intellectual probably are apathetic enough to do nothing about their newfound revelations that Hitler and Saddam have (their deaths were faked) secret meetings in a pentagram-shaped sound stage made to look like the moon.

Sorry, I just had to rant a little bit. That's what blogs are for, right?

1Meme is such a wonderful word and concept. Please read up about it, understand it, and teach others. [wink, wink]