American in Spain

Email From Hollywood

January 10, 2007

Yesterday, I received an email from a Hollywood actor. His name is Miguel Pérez, and he has a pretty impressive IMDB page full of small parts in big name television shows and movies, including Seinfeld, 24, ER, Ocean's Eleven, and Million Dollar Baby.

He's working on the website for French Maid TV, the sexiest technical instruction video blog on the internet. It was one of the first video blogs available on iTunes, as I recall, back when the term video blog was being invented about a year ago. For a geeky, twenty-something, heterosexual male such as myself, could there be anything better than a group of pretty women with French accents in French maid costumes giving technical advice? I don't think so. I was a fan from episode #1.

Anyway, Miguel contacted me because he had a question about my Revver Plugin for Wordpress. The popularity of both Wordpress and Revver are growing rapidly, and, so far, the only plugin that makes them work well together is mine.

Miguel's company, Perez Creative Assignments, seems to specialize in doing headshot photography for aspiring young Californians.

It's just weird to communicate with someone who, although not incredibly famous himself, has been a part of some of my favorite movies and television shows. I watched his episode of 24 that I have on DVD. He had about 4 or 5 lines and his scene involved Elisha Cuthbert, an actress who was completely unknown before being cast for 24.