American in Spain

Epiphany In Colindres

January 7, 2007

For the Epiphany yesterday, Marga's parents, Uncle Antonio and Aunt Manoli came to visit us. We went for a walk around town, and then had lunch in a local restaurant. CIMG2955.JPG

The Christmas decorations in Laredo have been particularly lame this year. We think that it's some kind of political statement about municipal funding from the town hall. Parachuting stars?

In contrast, the town hall of Colindres, yesterday, was roasting an entire cow. It was split in two and put on a rotisserie. They had just started cooking it at 1:00 PM when we were on our way to lunch, and they began serving people at 8:45 PM. It takes a long time to cook a whole bovine carcass.


For one euro ($1.31), they gave you a piece of a bread, a slice of beef worth about four bites, and a plastic cup of wine.


We went through the line twice. All six of us had dinner for 12€ ($15).


Manoli, Marce, and Marga waiting in line.


A good view of the rotisserie mechanism.

Inside a big tent, they were showcasing food and drink from various regions of Spain. I took a video of this guy pouring some apple cider the traditional Asturian way.