American in Spain

Colindres Panorama

December 20, 2006

CIMG1530.JPGI stumbled upon this picture of my town on Flickr today. Colindres panorama

Colindres Panorama - A panorama of Colindres and the surrounding area.

I especially like this picture because my house is so clearly visible. Take a look at the 5612x1743 version.


This is our house zoomed in on the 5612x1743 version.


Our house from street level.


A strict outline of the windows that belong to our apartment. Go back up to the big picture and see if you can pick it out.

Notice that this picture is geotagged. You can click the link on this page to see the exact spot that it was taken from on a map.

Another feature to notice is that, at the far left of the panorama, you can see, almost edge-on, the bridge that appears at the bottom left of my blog header. Since my blog header picture is looking almost due north, this panorama is looking a little bit north of due west.