American in Spain

Turkey Pizza - A Mediterranean Thanksgiving

November 23, 2006

Okay, so it's the wrong Mediterranean peninsula... Some turkey facts for you.

  • The word for turkey in Spanish is "pavo".
  • "Pavo" is also Spanish slang for the US dollar. "It cost me 30 bucks" = "Me costó 30 pavos"
  • The Spanish word for "peacock" is "pavo real", which means "royal turkey".

And my favorite turkey fact of all...

  • The word for "turkey", the bird, in Turkish, is the same as the Turkish word for Greece, the country, not the musical.

I give thanks for mozzarella.


Like all good Thanksgiving meals, this one had a special carving utensil.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Can you imagine having a pavo pizza, mediterranean style, in a mediterranean cruise!