American in Spain

A Few Mondragon Pics

October 22, 2006

We went this past weekend to visit Marga's folks in Mondragon, because Marga had an orthodontist appointment. We can't remember the last weekend we spent at home. On a walk this morning, I snapped some pretty average photographs. CIMG2777.JPG

A river that runs through Mondragon. I suppose most valley towns have them.


A nicely maintained round-a-bout.


Traffic island flora.


Some duckies in the stream.


These three were sleeping. I like how clearly you can see the building reflected. When you look this photo, your attention shifts between looking at the building and looking at the ducks, but you can't really look at them both at the same time. Kind of like a Necker Cube.


Do the Spanish know how to fill a glass of wine or what? This was taken at the Extremadura Culture Center where Marga's father has a few drinks with friends before lunch on Saturday and Sunday (and where the wedding party will take place). These drinks cost 0.40€ ($0.50) for non-members like me and 0.30€ ($0.38) for members, and today they came with a breaded shrimp that you see in the background. There's almost always some small snack with the drinks. Do you know of any bar where you can get pretty darn tipsy and snack for under $3.00?