American in Spain

Disembarkation of Carlos V

September 27, 2006

Last week, we went to a medieval festival in Laredo centered on some historic event of King Carlos V landing in Laredo in 1556. We went to the actual reenactment and sat on some bleachers on the beach. It was extremely boring! I'm glad we went, so that we don't have to go in future years. I took some videos of the slightly interesting bits among the monotony. If you only view one, check out the last one.

revver(66895) A white knight.

revver(66898) A red knight.

revver(66903) Typical jousting practice.

revver(66902) Ribbon Jousting. Each horseman had to skewer a dangling ribbon as he rode through them.

The following night, we went back to Laredo to see the medieval market and fireworks display.

revver(67400) A paper mache cow rolling down the street.

revver(67401) I call this video "Fish Killers".