American in Spain

Bush vs. Arabs

September 18, 2006

These two videos are worth watching. Can you pick out the intelligent speaker?

How could they allow a female without her mouth or hair covered on Al Jazeera? And speaking, no less! Disgusting! What is the world coming to?

This next video is a drinking game. Every time G.W. or Matt says "protect your family", "protect the American people" or "within the law", you have to take a drink. Pour a big glass. Ready...go!

Is it just me, or has Georgie gotten a lot more articulate over the past six years?1 Good for him. It only took six years, billions of dollars, hundreds of lies, and thousands of innocent lives.

What I wouldn't give to visit the alternate universe where Gore won in 2000...and actually got to be president.

1More articulate than you if you played the drinking game, that's for sure.