American in Spain


August 7, 2006

This weekend, I uploaded some of my more interesting videos to As I explained before, Revver pays you for videos that lots of people view. For someone like me, who already has a few somewhat interesting world travel videos lying around, it's money for nothing.

As of the time of this posting, four days after uploading my first video, my Revver account page looks like this: revver-account

That's $12.90 for doing nothing more than upload my videos.

Actually, that's not entirely true. I did do something. I noticed that almost no one was viewing my Coolest Pendulum Clock Ever video, despite its sensationalist title. So I searched the internet and found an online forum where people discuss interesting watches and clocks. I signed up and posted a link to my video. My view count for that video quickly went from 7 to 99. A little marketing goes a long way.

I think my favorite of all the videos so far is this one:


Although, based on views, it seems that these two are the most popular.



Surely some of these views are from the "Most Recent" list on Revver. I wonder how fast the video popularity (revenue) decays over time...