American in Spain


July 26, 2006

Last night, we went with Marga's parents and sister to see a free concert in a nearby town called Santullán. The band performing was Arrebato, the same band we saw last summer in Extremadura. When we saw them last year, we had never really heard of them. We've since become fans, and knowing the songs always enhances concert enjoyment. Last year, started the show an hour and a half late! That's a lot of standing around (no seats). This year, even though we expected it, we still got pretty angry when the concert started one hour late. It really shows a huge lack of respect for your audience to come out on stage an hour late. We were right next to the sound and light crew, and they seemed pretty annoyed too. We suspect that it's entirely the fault of the lead singer. I think he gets high on the ego inflation he gets from making everyone else wait until he's ready. Jerk!

Just like before, by the end of the concert, you're so impressed by the music that you don't remember how angry you were just an hour before.

Before the Arrebato concert, we stopped to see this clown that was performing on a stage in the town hall square. He was pretty funny. Who knows how it occurs to someone to do this... I imagine him strumming his guitar in his garage and glancing over at his exercise bike that he wasn't using anymore.


Me está entrando sed Y quiero beber Un zumito de piña Con Malibíº Sin hielo, por favor Sin hielo, por favor


I'm getting thirsty And I want to drink Some pineapple juice With Malibu (rum) Without ice, please Without ice, please

A lady actually went over to the bar and bought him one.

On to the Arrebato videos...

I took this from the side when I went over to pee on his van. The lead singer's got a great stage charisma.

I think that the lead singer and his main guitarist (there were four guitars and one bass guitar in the whole band) would much rather be a Flamenco band, because they do several songs at each concert like this. This guitarist was incredible.

This is the end of a short Flamenco bit they did. I just missed some smokin' Flamenco licks from the guitarist.