American in Spain

El Sueño de Morfeo

July 20, 2006

Last weekend, we went to a free concert on the beach in Laredo. The band performing was El Sueño de Morfeo. I had heard of them a little bit, and I knew the chorus of their hit single. It turns out I really love the blend of rock and folk music that they produce. Of course, I'm partial to rock bands with acoustic guitars, fiddles, and flutes. The lead female vocalist has a beautifully clear voice.

This band is currently soaring on a popularity wave that comes from fact that the lead singer is the girlfriend of Spain's current favorite "athlete", Fernando Alonso. He's leading the world standings of Formula 1. Together, they've got the potential to be Spain's version of Posh & Becks.

Anyway, check out some of the music by visiting their website. When you click "Entrar", the music will start playing. Or, if you have iTunes, their album is here.

Oh, and the name of their band translates to "The Dream of Morpheus". Before looking it up, I knew that Morpheus was a "greek god or something". It turns out he's the god responsible for dreams, thus giving the band name a deeper meaning.

Of course, the most established pop band in Spain at the moment is called La Oreja de Van Gogh, which means "Van Gogh's Ear". Bizarre.